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About Fencing & Firearms
John Reyst of d20pfsrd.com said, “I will be sorely tempted to use your rules for my next campaign Mark. … I had already been considering several ideas that you seem to have already developed and tested, which will save me time and heartache later.”

In One’s Blood
Sigurd gave In One’s Blood a 5 Star review at Paizo.com.

About Making Craft Work
Eyeolf the Wild Commoner gave Making Craft Work a 5 star review at Paizo.com.

About Rewarding Roleplaying
Gnome Stew’s Martin Ralya wrote, “…I’ve read this PDF and found it quite enjoyable. It reminds me of Burning Wheel’s Artha system, which is a very good thing. In a nutshell: RR creates a system-neutral mechanic whereby players set their own roleplaying goals, and are rewarded for meeting them during play.”

Renaud L. commented, “Rewarding Roleplaying is interesting not only for its technical options but also and mainly for some very good insight about relations between players and GMs.”

Urizen gave Rewarding Roleplaying a 5 Star review at Paizo.com.

About Quid Novi? Subscriber Bonuses
On February 7, Quid Novi? subscribers received a link to download Latina Facta, a short, gratis PDF containing 15 new feats inspired by famous Latin phrases. Here’s some of the feedback we’ve received regarding Latina Facta:

Renaud L.: “Thank you for the good work. The Latin feats are great :)”

Adam from Vancouver, Canada: “Thanks for creating this. They look rather cool. None of them are especially powerful, but they are all sure to provide extra individuality to a character who has any of these feats. Another fine PDF!”

Kerry M.: “I loved the Latin phrases.”

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