A to Z Coming to PDF

Due to a flood of requests (Well, really three of them.), I’ve started to compile all 26 A to Z blogposts into a single PDF that will at least be distributed for free to Quid Novi? subscribers. I’m shooting for a release date of no later than 31 May.

I’m also about ready to start would should be the last round of edits for Dodeca Weather, a new PDF compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game that will add more detail to your campaign’s meteorological verisimilitude. This product is months overdue, and I really can’t blame all of that delay on my heart attack. I’ve just been in too much of a funk, which is not a good thing. (While being in a funk is bad, funk music is good, and certain ways of being funky can also be good. What a strange world we live in!)

I also nearly finished with Dodeca Decor, a smaller PDF that includes hundreds of decorating tips for your dungeons.

If I stay on track, both of these should be available to the gaming public by the end of May.

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