P Is for Poem for Mr. Birsinger

At the school wherein I teach young students
There’s a teacher named Mister Birsinger.
In ignorance’s hide he puts new dents.
As a teacher he’s a real humdinger!

When Birsinger nobly strides through the halls,
Order and discipline from his mouth ring,
Echoing invisibily from the walls.
We cannot but help his praises to sing!

Look at his erudite brow! His keen gaze!
Witness how stately his ponytail swings!
O! How I envy his students their days
In his classroom, learning so many things.

Birsinger is a tower of learning
Built by years of selfless, tireless striving,
Guided by a vision like fire burning
To see all kids become wise and thriving.

The level of envy of him is scary.
O my! His upper lip is quite hairy.

N.B. I made a small edit to the first quatrain to improve the rhyme.

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