Revised PDF Available Virtually Near You

Got more done than anticipated. The revised Latina Facta & Versatile Performance Redux is now available at and DriveThruRPG. Revision I of this 14-page, printer-friendly PDF contains great game crunch:

* 15 feats inspired by Latin sayings. Stare down foes with Caro Putridas Es! or inspire your allies with Morituri Te Salutamus.

* 18 bardic arts divided into acting, music, and dancing categories. Boost an allied bard’s abilities with Chorus, get into character with Affective Memory, or stun an enemy with your Snake Arms.

* 7 new bard spells, one for each level 0 through 6. Bamboozle enemies with deceptive cadence and turn an ally into a whirlwind of pain via fouetté en tournant.

And all of these bombastic bard bonuses are still only $0.99.

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