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The 2011 One-Page Dungeon Contest is over. My The Lure of the Jade Throne didn’t win, but lots of better submissions did. You can check out the results by clicking this sentence.

With every one my Quid Novi? e-letters, I include some recommended reading from various places on the Interwebz. Here’s a round-up of several of recently recommended reading links.

For Awesome Campaigns Build A Player Campaign Book by Kit Reshawn

Ever noticed how what takes six months of real time to game might cover only a day or two of campaign time? I have, and the gap between real time and campaign time can make remembering important details difficult. Kit Reshawn offers some good advice about how to better organize campaign notes so that important details don’t get lost over real time.

New Stuff from Chaotic Shiny Productions

Need to brainstorm elements for some stage magic? Well, who doesn’t? The link above randomly generates elements for stage magic. For example, “This trick requires four tiny saws, one exotic coin, one large mirror and one small snake. It is often performed at bars.” Chaotic Shiny is also working on a “City Builder Generator Pack”. You can check out a sample of what it can do by clicking on this link.

How To Have An Epic Campaign In Three Acts by Patrick Benson
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Patrick Benson posts parts one and two of three articles that look at epic campaigning. In part one, he discusses defining “epic” for your group and establishing the campaign’s heroes, villains, and threat. Part two goes into more detail about your epic campaign’s set up. Part three of the series looks at how one wraps up your epic campaign with a legendary bang.

A Dyson Mapping 1-2-3 “Tutorial” by Dyson Logos

Old School cartographer offers a step-by-step look at how to create one of his great cross-section dungeon maps.

Weem’s DM Tips for RP Prompting and Immersion

This interesting thread is full of tips ranging from inspiring to silly about how to improve the roleplaying qualities of your game.

A Pathfinder Spell Card Generator! by Jefferson Jay Thacker

Tired of looking through books for spells? Like to have things printed on cards? Well, then check out this site. With a few clicks here and there, you can generate a page of spell cards for your favorite caster. Includes spells from the core rules, APG, and various Player’s Companions, adventure paths, and campaign setting guides. Good stuff!

Growing Up Gamers

This is a family blog, written by members of a gamer family for other gamers. It includes thoughts on gaming, reviews of games, and accounts of gaming with children. Makes me want to play more games with my family.

Driftwood: Hard and Soft Scenes by Walt Ciechanowski

Gnomestewer Walt Ciechanowski talks about the differences between vital (or hard) and nonvital (or soft) scenes in adventure design. He offers some thoughtful advice about how to incorporate both in your game.

Bringing Some Old-School Principles Into Pathfinder by Aplus

I’ve recommended this blog before. This time around the link leads to a post about how to take Pathfinder and use it for an old-school, sandbox campaign. The author makes good use of Pathfinder setting material blended with Old School Revival material for other publishers. Inspiring.

It’s a Kind of Magic by Alzrius

Alzrius talks about the science of magic, and how the way you explain the mechanics of magic can enrich your campaign world. Reminds me of the time I was inspired by Shankara’s Crest Jewel of Discrimination to explain how monster summoning spells worked.

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