Quid Novi?

Good question! Here’s what’s new around here: Work on the Spes Magna Games newsletter has begun. Once every two weeks, Quid Novi? will arrive via e-mail, hot off the presses and into your in-box. Regular Quid Novi? features will include each of the following once a month:

Making History: An article about an historical event that can be used in your game.
Chance Encounters: A monster or NPC ready to challenge your players.
Five-Part One-Shot: A short adventure outline using the world-wide-web-famous 5-Room Dungeon format.

Every issue of Quid Novi? will also feature Recommended Reading suggestions about books, articles, and blogs on topics related to both gaming and history.

Subscribers will have the opportunity to help playtest products, enjoying all the fame and glory that comes with such a noble task. This means that you can get your hands on Spes Magna Games content before it’s released to the public, starting with Rewarding Roleplaying.

I’m in the process of setting up the newsletter subscription service. Keep an eye on this site for updates on my progress. Better yet, click over on the sidebar and enter your e-mail address to subscribe to our RSS feed.

As always, we want to hear from you. How does Quid Novi? sound to you? Are there any historical events you’d like see featured? Any suggestions for Chance Encounters or Five-Part One-Shot? If so, leave us a comment or two!

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  • DF Lickiss says:

    Just starting to rework my 3.5 world to Pathfinder; looking for ideas for a very historic low fantasy world. What I’ve seen looks very interesting.

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