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If you’ve not checked out the Spes Magna Store, now’s a good a time as any. Our catalog includes these great PDFs:

5 Adventures, 25 Rooms $1.11
Want to run a short adventure? Stuck for ideas? Let 5 Adventures, 25 Rooms break your writer’s block.

5 Adventures, 25 Rooms offers content previously available only to Quid Novi? subscribers. In this 19-page PDF, you’ll find five adventure synopses, one new template, and two new monsters. The adventure synopses assume a fantasy setting, but otherwise strive to be more or less system neutral. These synopses are not complete adventures. Instead, each synopsis is more like an adventure seed. You provide the maps and the game mechanics to make that seed grow into a fully realized scenario.

Throughout the PDF, you’ll find suggestions for adapting the synopses to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. The template and monsters are fully compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Fencing & Firearms $3.00
Have you ever watched a movie full of swashbuckling goodness and thought, “This would make a great game?” I know I have, and long before I played RPGs. As a kid, I loved Errol Flynn and Tyrone Powers. Many a Saturday was spent pretending to be Captain Blood, Robin Hood, or Zorro. And let’s not forget the Three Musketeers, Jim Hawkins and Long John Silver, and, yes, even Don Quixote.

The roleplaying aspects of the swashbuckler genre work well-enough with any game system. Tongue-in-cheek humor and traded bon mots don’t require game mechanics. Swashbuckling combat must be fast-paced, highly mobile, and full of flashy attacks. Unfortunately, the world’s most popular roleplaying game’s combat system doesn’t score high marks in these areas.

Fencing & Firearms (F&F) respects the core mechanics of the game but still addresses widely perceived problems with the combat rules. F&F doesn’t change racial traits, class features, or skills. It has as little impact on core rules feats as possible. Our primary goal is that DMs can take this book and drop it into their games with a minimal amount of work. F&F focuses on:

* speeding up play,
* keeping each player involved even when it’s not his turn,
* providing all players with more combat options, and
* making combat maneuvers easier to use.

And this is just the first part of F&F. The second part deals with black powder weapons and how to use them with your game.

Gazae et Monstri: Treasures & Monsters from Greek & Roman Myth $0.99
This 14-page PDF includes 6 magic items and 5 monsters drawn from Greek and Roman myth. Arm your fighter with the cesti of Eryx. Quest for Pandora’s box. Trade blows with the mighty Antaeus, or match wits with the terrifying Python.

In One’s Blood Preview $0.00 (FREE!)
The In One’s Blood Preview includes:

* 3 new sorcerer bloodlines: Ooze, Plant, and Vermin
* 9 new spells, such as cloud of stingers and ooze shape
* 1 new monster: the dreaded behemoth pudding

The for-sale edition of In One’s Blood will include more arcane goodness, adding Aquatic, Divine, Giant, and Psychic bloodlines, more spells, et cetera.

In One’s Blood $1.26
Want more bloodlines for your sorcerers? Want more sorcerer/wizard spells? Then today is your lucky day because In One’s Blood is now available for purchase! This new, 25-page PDF includes includes Aquatic, Divine, Giant, Ooze, Plant, Psychic, and Vermin bloodlines; 15 new spells, including conqueror worms and ooze shape I-III; and 1 new monsters, the behemoth pudding.

Latina Facta & Versatile Performance Redux $0.99
Two PDF products in one! Latina Facta includes 15 new feats based on Latin sayings. Versatile Performance Redux introduces an alternate Versatile Performance class feature for bards that uses terminology related to acting, music, and dance to represent bardic talents.

Making Craft Work $0.99
Do you wish the rules for the Craft skill made sense? Do you wish it were possible to craft equipment and still have time to adventure? Well, your wishes are our commands! Making Craft Work presents a new system for the Craft skill that uses complexity rather than price to determine how long it takes to finish an item. This is an 8-page, black-and-white PDF.

Rewarding Roleplaying $1.50
Want to encourage your players to immerse themselves more in your game? Want your DM to reward roleplaying skills but don’t like the arbitrary nature of trying to determine who roleplayed well? Then this PDF is for you. Rewarding Roleplaying links player-defined roleplaying goals to a robust Action Point system that increases character flexibility and success while reducing in-game reliance of a character’s equipment.

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