Word Slowly Spreads

And the word is good.

Alzrius briefly discusses Rewarding Roleplaying in a blog post about “Positively-reinforced role-playing“. About Rewarding Roleplaying linking player-defined roleplaying goals and Action Point awards, Alzrius writes, “It’s a good idea, simple and elegant, and I’m quite honestly surprised that no one else has done it before.”

Over at the Paizo boards, regular Paizo poster Urizen chimes in with his own review of Rewarding Roleplaying. Urizen has some flattering things to say about both my writing style and Rewarding Roleplaying‘s contents.

Now through midnight on Mother’s Day, Rewarding Roleplaying is on sale for 50% off cover price. The discount code is mater. To quote Urizen, “It’s definitely worth your three quarters. It’s a five star from me.”

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