Mnorh’s Chosen: The Halflings

The Halflings, so-called because they resemble humans in most ways except for height and toughness of foot, are not a numerous race, but they have an ancient pedigree. Indeed, the Halflings claim they were the first race created by the true god, whom they call Mnorh, which means “Illumination” in Trgovija, the trade tongue. Halfling scholars disagree on whether Mnorh created the other races, or whether Mnorh created the gods who created the other races, but either way the message remains the same: Mnorh is supreme. Most Halflings live semi-nomadic lives, establishing temporary settlements in fertile lands to graze their sheep and farm for a season before moving on. They are prolific traders, and those Halflings that reside in towns almost always seem to be engaged in business of some sort. Scrupulous and industrious, Halflings would be more trusted and liked if not for their religious beliefs, which many peoples view as insulting, even dangerous. Spates of terrible violence aimed at Halflings punctuate their history, and Halflings have developed a strong warrior tradition in response to the not infrequent threats to their way of life.

Halfling Class Abilities

Accuracy and Agility: Halflings receive a +2 attack bonus when firing missile weapons in combat. Halfling have special skill in fighting giants, ogres, and similar giant-type creatures such as trolls. Against Halflings, such monsters only inflict half the normal damage. Halflings possess natural agility and grace. They move quietly, climb and hide well, and perform acrobatic feats. The chances to do so are shown on the adjacent table. Of course, a Halfling may not be able to perform such feats wearing certain types of armor or if carrying too much weight.

Establish Fort: At tenth level, a Halfling who chooses to build a fort may attract a body of loyal followers who swear fealty to the character.

Experience Bonus for Dexterity: Dexterity is the Prime Attribute for Halflings, which means a Halfling with Dexterity of 15 or higher receives an additional 5% experience.

Saving Throws: Halflings possess great resolve and courage, gaining a +2 bonus to saving throws against fear.

Weapon and Armor Restrictions: Halflings may wear any kind of armor and may use shields; however, their armor and shields must be specially made for their small size. Halflings may use any small-sized weapons (such as a dagger, short sword, or short bow). Halflings may not use two-handed swords, longbows, battle axes, pole arms, or other large weapons. Halflings resolve their attacks using the same table as Fighters.

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