Mark’s Musings Debut, and Poor Richard Matheson

Game Geek #4 is available for $1 at This issue is especially noteworthy as it features the first of Mark’s Musings, a new regular column penned by yours truly. Get yourself a copy, and read how my giant son became a bounty hunter.

On the progress front, I’m about a third of the way through the short adventure to be included with the new, improved Fencing & Firearms. I’ve also started outlining the Quid Novi? subscriber PDF about Greek/Roman mythical monsters and magical items and the missed issue of Quid Novi? itself.

Once these are done, that leaves me clear to finally finish The Case of the Purloined Princess. Sure, it might be pushing a month late, but better that than not at all or (even worse) done with less than my best effort.

On the home front, I sat down with the family over the weekend and watched The Box starring Frank Langella, Cameron Diaz, and James Marsden. What an absolute mess of a movie! I almost felt sorry for Richard Matheson (author of the short story on which the movie was based). The DVD special feature included a short interview with Matheson plus snippets of writer/director Richard Kelly lauding Matheson for his authorial skill and literary vision.

To which I wonder, “That’s great, Mr. Kelly, but didn’t Richard Matheson’s work deserve something better than The Box?”

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