Rewarding Roleplaying Is On Sale!

Buy Rewarding Roleplaying for $1.50 US (or $1 US for Quid Novi? subscribers).

This isn’t the playtest Rewarding Roleplaying that Quid Novi? subscribers helped fine tune. This is the new, improved Rewarding Roleplaying that links player-created roleplaying goals to a robust Action Point system.

How does it work? Easily and well!

You, the player, define certain roleplaying goals for your character. These can be traits, personality quirks, and objectives. Your DM works these goals into upcoming adventures. When you play your character in such a way as to act and react based on your goals, you get Action Points.

Action Points are powerful tools that help your character accomplish heroic feats. They soften the fickle whims of Fortune and give you greater control over your character’s fate.

And Rewarding Roleplaying isn’t just a boon for players. It’s good for DMs too. With Rewarding Roleplaying, DMs have a fair system to reward players for roleplaying. The Action Point system helps alleviate the perceived need for DMs to fudge dice rolls. Now when a player’s unlucky roll threatens disaster, that player can Action Point a way out.

Rewarding Roleplaying is compatible with 3.5 and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Click over to the Purchase page with the tab above and ratchet up the drama and excitement of your game today!

One-half of sales from Spes Magna products are donated to help the Mission of Yahweh, a faith-based shelter located in Houston, Texas, that empowers, enriches, and restores the lives of homeless women and children and provides outreach services to low-income families in our neighborhood.

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