“A Fiery Horse with the Speed of Light” and Other News

It’s March 9 already, and I’m still behind with writing, editing, and some website-related work. It isn’t helping that I’ve finally discovered Hulu. In particular, I’m thoroughly enjoying The Lone Ranger. I used to watch the adventures of that fabulous masked man in syndication when I was a kid. I remember owning Lone Ranger, Tonto, and Silver action figures. I don’t think I had Scout, so I’m guessing my Tonto walked everywhere. Fortunately for my time management, Hulu only has twelve episodes of The Lone Ranger available, and I’m just about half through them.

On the work front, I am done with Rewarding Roleplaying and Fencing & Firearms. I’ve started on the Five-Room Dungeon that will be included with F&F. Darren Calvert emailed me yesterday and told me he is getting ready to put finishing touches on the cover for The Case of the Purloined Princess. I’ve looked at the roughs he’s done, and they’re delightful. I really need to upload some images to the site for the world to see. That’s one more thing for my list.

Speaking of The Case of the Purloined Princess, work has slowed to a crawl on my end. I’ve got to get back on track. I’ve been saying product would be released for sale this month. At the rate I’m going, that’s going to end up happening closer to April and than to February.

I’m also working on the Quid Novi? subscriber bonus PDF for March. It should be available with the March 21st issue. This month, I’m offering an alternate version of the bard’s Versatile Performer class feature. The Versatile Performer class feature for bards is a bit confusing. It’s meant to make the bard better at certain skills that seemingly correspond with different types of Perform, but the actual mechanics of the class feature are muddled. Versatile Performer is also a bit on the uninspiring side. It’s an attempt to boost the bard’s role as skill monkey while keeping to the theme of bard-as-performing-adventurer, but Versatile Performer just sort of seems to miss the mark.

The new subscriber-only PDF presents an alternative system for Versatile Performance that draws upon terminology related to music, dance, acting, and rhetoric. For example, a bard could learn Accelerando. This ability lets the morale bonus provided by Inspire Courage also apply to Reflex saves. Furthermore, when the bard reaches 5th level, affected allies gain a +5-foot bonus to base speed.

Speaking of Quid Novi? subscriber PDFs, it looks like Monsters & Magic Items of Greek/Roman Myth is the winner for April. I’ll add the other two to the project queue for May and June. Also, don’t forget about the subscriber-drive contest that’s going on right now.

Well, that’s it for this post. I’ll be back in a few days.

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