Products Release in March 2010

Speaking of sales, Quid Novi? subscribers get one-third off the cover price for all Spes Magna PDFs. Right now, we’re looking at these products and prices:

Rewarding Roleplaying – $1.50, or $1.00 for Quid Novi? subscribers. This version of Rewarding Roleplaying has been edited and expanded for greater clarity and playability.

Fencing & Firearms – $7.50, or $5.00 for Quid Novi? subscribers. This will be a bundle that includes Rewarding Roleplaying and a short Pathfinder-compatible adventure using the Five-Room Dungeon format.

The Case of the Purloined Princess – $4.50, or $3.00 for Quid Novi? subscribers. This is the first convention-style module featuring the Anklebiter League. TCotPP is designed to be played in about four hours, and it includes just about everything needed for play, including six pre-generated characters for your players to run. It also features stunning art by Darren Calvert done in glorious black and white.

Keep an eye on the Spes Magna site. I’ll be updating the site with more information about these products.

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