Nasal Boils

Well, what an irritating month it’s been!

First, my plans to playtest Spes Magna’s upcoming adventure release at Con-Jour 2010 sort of fizzled away into nothing. I have higher hopes for OwlCon in a couple of weeks.

Second, my entire writing train got derailed by a staph infection inside my left nostril. What initially was just an irritating sort of itch-pain combination turned into stabbing pain, facial swelling, antibiotics, the challenge of applying ointment with a Q-tip, and regularly having to swab out pea-sized globs of icky discharge. I missed four days of work last week from what probably started as an in-grown nose hair. Four days!

Part of the writing train wreck was my failure to get issue five of Quid Novi? out to my subscribers. I’m going to combine planned content for what would’ve been issue five with planned content for issue six to create a monster-sized newsletter due out Sunday, 21 February.

On the plus side, I did get Latina Facta out to my subscribers. This short PDF includes 15 new feats inspired by famous Latin phrases and quotes. The few responses I’ve received about Latina Facta have all been positive, which helps make the icky discharge more bearable.

Now that I’m (more or less) recovered, it’s time to get back to work. More effort on that upcoming adventure is a top priority. Also, since the revision process never really seems to end, I need to go back and start fixing/improving both Rewarding Roleplaying and Fencing & Firearms. With the former, I’m going to refine/retool the Action Point mechanics a bit. For the latter, there’re several editing issues to be resolved to make the text clearer, plus some more tweaking to the firearms section. Also, with March fast approaching, I need to get to work on the next subscriber bonus PDF. I’m thinking about writing up some new sorcerer bloodlines.

I also need to finish working on Pathfinder stats for Steampunk Lincoln at over my d20PFSRD lab. Brandon Herren graciously gave me permission to use the Steampunk Lincoln Psychotronik Comics cover image.

Coming from the Crazy Idea File, I read somewhere on ENWorld that one current RPG gives XP for GP just like Ye Olden Days of D&D. I can’t remember what RPG it was; I want to say, “Conan.” The only caveat mentioned was that the PCs trade GP for XP at a 1:1 ratio, but the PCs can’t have anything concrete to show for the expenditure. So, a PC could go back to town, blow 50 GP on wine, women, and song in exchange for 50 XP. If the PC spent that 50 GP on magic scrolls, he’d get no XP. I think I like this idea.

Well, I guess that’s it for now. I’ll be back in three or four days.

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  • Alzrius says:

    You didn’t read that “somewhere on EN World,” you read that right here on the Spes Magna Games website, in a comment I made a while ago on the page for Rewarding Roleplaying! I mentioned it because it seemed like another great way to reward PCs for role-playing what their characters would do.

    I’m quite enamored of that rule myself, and think it’d make a great addition to Rewarding Roleplaying (though given the rest of the book’s focus on action points, it might be slightly difficult to fit in).

  • admin says:

    Doh! Mea culpa maxima. I blame the staph and the medications I’ve been on. Yeah, that’s it.

    Now that I know for certain where the idea came from, I’m even more convinced it’s a good way to go. 🙂

  • Renaud says:


    I like the general latin aspect of your work, as i am running a campaign on a world which has a “Roman” empire.
    The terminology of the feats add some flavor.
    Do you plan to propose some mythic roman creatures, classes and equipment ?
    There are already some supplements about all that, but the more the better.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  • admin says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Renaud. Yes, there are some Roman plans for the future, although it’s not likely to be our major focus. Issue V of Quid Novi? will have a Roman theme, including Pathfinder stats for Aello the Storm Swift, a rather dangerous harpy.

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