D&D 30-Day Challenge: Days 1 and 2

Four or so weeks ago, someone on Facebook expressed the wish that I’d do this 30-day challenge thing. So, here I go!

For the first day, I’m suppose to talk about how I got started gaming. Well, I’ve already done that, so I’ll just toss in a link and move on.

Day two is my favorite playable race, which is the dwarf. My first ever character, Lord Jon Korbok, was a dwarf fighter in OD&D, and he morphed into a dwarf fighter/thief for 1E and 2E. For me back in the day, the dwarf epitomized the in-your-face, hard-as-nails adventurer. They waged epic wars against orcs and giants, the battles leaving both mountain sides and dark caves stained with blood and littered with bodies. Dwarves valued honor and bravery, and no self-respecting dwarf would shirk is duties to either an ally or his clan. Dwarves couldn’t be magic-users because they didn’t need to be magic-users. Dwarves got by on grit and hard steel, and that’s my kind of fantasy race.

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