G Is for the Grand Sweep of Time

Several posts about Tiamat’s Throne have made references to different ages, such as the Age of Ashes, Pre-Rage, et cetera. This brief timeline puts these and a few other events into a chronological context.

The Rage of Dragons
2665: Magical dimension irrupts, permitting supernatural creatures to enter our universe. The most destructive of these creatures were the dragons.

2675: The Rage of Dragons ends. Tiamat and her dukes emerge victorious.

The Age of Fire
2675-2800: Tiamat places the dragons Apophis, Illuyankas, and Níðhöggr over three different worlds, Whetu, Thurayya, and Ylli, respectively. Her Draconic Majesty takes a fourth world, Zvjezdana, for her own, renaming it Tiamat’s Throne. Then, she and her dukes set about subjugating the sector.

The Age of Ashes
2800-2950: Rebuiling and recolonization efforts are organized and started.

Early 3000s: Eugenics Commissars operations fully implemented. Tiamat establishes the first College of Wizardry on her throneworld.

The Age of the Phoenix
3275: Tiamat celebrates her sexcentennial and declares the new age has begun.

3292: Current year.

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