Spes Magna Games offers a growing line of products designed to enrich your gaming experience with easy-to-use products designed to increase options and speed up gameplay. Our inventory includes the following:

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5 Adventures, 25 Rooms Want to run a short adventure? Stuck for ideas? Let 5 Adventures, 25 Rooms break your writer’s block. In this 19-page PDF, you’ll find five adventure synopses, one new template, and two new monsters. The adventure synopses assume a fantasy setting, but otherwise strive to be more or less system neutral. These synopses are not complete adventures. Instead, each synopsis is more like an adventure seed. You provide the maps and the game mechanics to make that seed grow into a fully realized scenario. Also included are stats for ostriches and emus and the unseelie creature template. Get your copy for $1.11 US.

5 Adventures, 25 Rooms at and DriveThruRPG

Ars Metamagica Underwhelmed by metamagic feats? Wish your casters had more flexibility when modifying their spells? Then get Ars Metamagica today. This 13-page, printer-friendly PDF describes an alternate metamagic system that replaces metamagic feats with a metamagic check mechanic. Spellcasters daily select a palette of metamagic arts with which to modify their spells. Whether a prepared caster or a spontaneous caster, the spell-slinger makes a metamagic check at casting time to successfully reshape the magical energies. Success means greater customization of spells, but failure risks magical feedback. Boost your caster’s flexibility for $1.50 US.

Ars Metamagica at and DriveThruRPG

Barbaric Traits This 11-page PDF presents 36 new character traits, and they’re not just for barbarians. Indeed, these traits can help flesh out any character that hails from some savage frontier where honor and sharp steel matter more than manners and shiny coins. Inspired by the works of Robert E. Howard and a certain cartoon barbarian with a sun sword, these 36 traits are divided evenly between Combat, Faith, Magic, and Social categories. Now your savage hero can become Blood-Mad, utter a Motivational Expletive, practice Poisonous Sorcery, or benefit from knowledge gained as a Barbaric Ambassador (to mention just one-ninth of the traits packed into this PDF). Revel in barbaric splendor for $1.26 US.

Barbaric Traits at and DriveThruRPG

Fencing & Firearms Have you ever watched a movie full of swashbuckling goodness and thought, “This would make a great game?” I know I have, and long before I played RPGs. As a kid, I loved Errol Flynn and Tyrone Powers. Many a Saturday was spent pretending to be Captain Blood, Robin Hood, or Zorro. And let’s not forget the Three Musketeers, Jim Hawkins and Long John Silver, and, yes, even Don Quixote. The roleplaying aspects of the swashbuckler genre work well-enough with any game system. Tongue-in-cheek humor and traded bon mots don’t require game mechanics. Swashbuckling combat must be fast-paced, highly mobile, and full of flashy attacks. Unfortunately, the world’s most popular roleplaying game’s combat system doesn’t score high marks in these areas. This 30-page PDF increases combat options while speeding up gameplay. Furthermore, it introduces black powder weapons for use in your 3.5/Pathfinder game. Get more bang for game for $3.00 US.

Fencing & Firearms at and DriveThruRPG

In One’s Blood Want more bloodlines for your sorcerers? Want more sorcerer/wizard spells? Then In One’s Blood is for you. This 25-page, black-and-white PDF includes Aquatic, Divine, Giant, Ooze, Plant, Psychic, and Vermin bloodlines; 15 new spells, including conqueror worms and ooze shape I-III; and 1 new monster, the behemoth pudding. All this sorcerous cruch sales for $1.26 US.

In One’s Blood at and DriveThruRPG

Latina Facta & Versatile Performance Redux This 10-page PDF includes 15 new feats based on Latin sayings and an alternate Versatile Performance class feature for bards that uses terminology related to acting, music, and dance to represent bardic talents. All of this gaming goodness goes for $0.99 US.

Latina Facta & Versatile Performance Redux at and DriveThruRPG

Making Craft Work Do you wish the rules for the Craft skill made sense? Do you wish it were possible to craft equipment and still have time to adventure? Well, your wishes are our commands! Making Craft Work presents a new system for the Craft skill that uses complexity rather than price to determine how long it takes to finish an item. This 8-page, black-and-white PDF sells for a mere $0.99 US.

Making Craft Work at and DriveThruRPG

A Medieval Holiday Have you ever wanted to host an authentic medieval banquet? Have you ever wanted to qualify for a prestige class whose class features include Gourmand and Chug! Chug!? Well, then, A Medieval Holiday is the PDF for you. In this PDF’s 17 printer-friendly pages, you’ll find useful, amusing content, such as advice about how to transform your modern abode into a medieval feasting hall, instructions about proper medieval feasting hall etiquette, funny and informative footnotes, gourmastic menu suggestions and recipes of historic tastiness, and a new prestige class, the trencherman. The cost? A wildly affordable $1.02 US.

A Medieval Holiday at and DriveThruRPG

RewardingRoleplayingRewarding Roleplaying Are you a DM who wants a little more oomph! from your players? Do they need some incentive to play their roles with more feeling? Even if your players are bona fide thespians, there’s likely still room for improvement. But how? With Rewarding Roleplaying, which uses three criteria to encourage and reward better roleplaying. Best of all, the responsibility for establishing these criteria belongs to the players. They set their own roleplaying goals. When they meet their goals, you the DM hand out the reward in the form of an Action Point, which is then used by the player to achieve greater levels of success in the game. You can get Rewarding Roleplaying’s high quality rules for the low price of $1.50 US.

Rewarding Roleplaying at and DriveThruRPG

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