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Days 15 & 16: Sleigh & Reindeer

According to legend, a famous bishop of a distant land earned the love and respect of the people through his unstinting generosity and unwavering commitment to justice. Where the customs and laws of his land were hostile to true law and good, he took bold action to help the downtrodden and oppose tyranny. After his death, new tales told of his benevolence delivered to the needy from beyond the grave.

1E Stats

Silver Sleigh and Reindeer: These figurines of wondrous power, cast from purest silver, depict a tiny sleigh and four reindeer. Upon speaking the command word, they transform into a full-sized sleigh and four clockwork reindeer. The sleigh and reindeer can be used a maximum of 1 day each week, either continually or in any combination of periods totaling 24 hours. At this point, or when he command word is repeated, the sleigh and reindeer return to their original form.

A single reindeer pulls the sleigh at a 12″ movement rate either over ground or flying. Each additional reindeer used for this purpose increases the speed by 12″, for a maximum speed of 48″. A single reindeer has an air maneuverability class of E. Each additional reindeer improves the air maneuverability class by one category (two reindeer equals D, three reindeer equals C, and four reindeer equals B). A reindeer can carry 280 pounds, and the sleigh can carry up to four man-sized creatures with a combined weight of 1,120 pounds. Reduce speeds by -1″ for each additional 14 pounds carried.

The clockwork reindeer can detach from the sleigh in order to fight or obey simple commands (AC 5; MV 12″/12″; HD 6 (27 hp); #AT 1; D 2-12; SD half damage from nonmagical weapons, immune to effects that require a living target; INT semi-; SZ M). A reindeer reduced to 0 hit points cannot be brought back from statuette form for 1 full week.

5E Stats

Silver Sleigh and Reindeer
Wondrous item, very rare

Upon command, this set of silver figurines of wondrous power becomes a full-sized sleigh pulled by four clockwork reindeer. They can be used for up to 24 hours in a one week period. Each reindeer has a carrying capacity of 280 pounds, which means the team can move up to 5,600 pounds when the sleigh is full (see page 155, PH). The reindeer pull the sleigh at a speed of 30 feet, plus 15 feet for each additional reindeer after the first (for a maximum speed of 75 feet either over ground or flying). The clockwork reindeer can detach from the sleigh upon command in order to fight. If a clockwork reindeer is reduced to 0 hit points, it immediately reverts to figurine form and cannot be used again for one week.

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