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Day 9: Hot Wine

For a great recipe for mulled wine, check this out. To add this magical elixir to your game, read on.

“Come boy, and pour for me a cup
Of old Falernian. Fill it up
With wine, strong, sparkling, bright, and clear;
Our host decrees no water here.
Let dullards drink the Nymph’s pale brew,
The sluggish thin their blood with dew.
For such pale stuff we have no use;
For us the purple grape’s rich juice.
Begone, ye chilling water sprite;
Here burning Bacchus rules tonight!”

— Catullus

While encamped, the party’s cook brews up some mulled wine using a recipe found in an ancient tome. He needs red wine, sugar, an orange, a lemon, one star annise, one cinnamon stick, about a half dozen cloves, and small amount of nutmeg and ginger. The sugar and spices and a small amount of wine are cooked first, enough to melt the sugar and infuse the spices. Then the rest of the wine is heated for just a few minutes. While the mulled wine is poured into mugs, the cook recites a simple blessing in a forgotten tongue.

Those who imbibe the mulled wine are filled with good cheer and a measure of peace of mind.

1E Info

Those who share the mulled wine gain a blessing. Roll 1d6.

5E Info

Those who share the mulled wine gain a blessing. Roll 1d6.

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