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Pilgrim Sly Chuckles

A pilgrim for Do: Fate of the Flying Temple. The name was inspired by a misunderstanding my daughter Adrienne had way back when while I was reading her the delightful Redwall by Brian Jacques. The type of character is sort of my default mode: the shiftless narcissist with a heart that’s at least gold-plated.

Pilgrim Sly Chuckles

Pilgrim Sly Chuckles just knows he’ll be a monk one day. He is quick of both mind and body, eager to help others by showing them that there’s something to laugh at in every circumstance. All it takes is looking at a problem from a different direction. Up is down, and every loss hides a gain, as well as vice versa. Isn’t this the wisdom of the Temple? That for every good there’s a bad, for every bad there’s a good? Of course it is! One doesn’t need special powers or the martial arts. What one needs is what Sly Chuckles has: an easy smile, some cunning words, and heart full of good intentions.

* Avatar: Laughter Is the Best
* Banner: Words Have Many Meanings
* Dragon: Clever Yet Naive
* Other Aspects: Paves Roads with Good Intentions

Approaches: Careful Mediocre (+0), Clever Good (+3), Flashy Fair (+2), Forceful Average (+1), Quick Average (+1), Sneaky Fair (+2)

* Center of Attention: Because I enjoy being the Center of Attention, I get a +2 when I Flashily create advantages by making a spectacle of myself.

* Water Off a Duck’s Back: Because trouble slides off me like Water Off a Duck’s Back, I get a +2 when I Cleverly overcome obstacles by evading or avoiding responsibility.

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