d12 Power!

After quite a slump in writing output, I’m back in stride. I’ve nearly completed the first draft of Dodeca Weather, a new PDF that harnesses d12 power to determine your campaign’s weather. A few finishing touches remain before the draft PDF gets emailed to my growing list of playtesters. Excellent!

Dodeca Weather‘s GM-friendly, step-by-step process considers climate, altitude, terrain, and season to determine temperature, wind speed, and weather events. Weather characteristics include amount of precipitation, duration, wind speed, and the odds of a weather event continuing after its initial duration has expired. There are also about 6 pages of rules for different weather events, consolidating and expanding upon the core rules. Last of all, the PDF comes with a handy 7-day weather worksheet to help you organize your meteorological data.

Dodeca Weather is scheduled for released around the third Sunday in August.

2 Responses to “d12 Power!”

  • Joe Medica says:

    Any word on when this would be released to playtesters? For sale?

    Looking forward to it! I often try to include some weather phenomena in my games, but the complex management of it often causes me to drop it in favor of some generics…

  • admin says:


    I’ve received feedback from several playtesters. Unfortunately, I’ve been so busy with the start of the new school year and my new students, I’ve had little time to do anything with this feedback. I’m hoping to get the PDF released for sale by mid-September, but since that’s three days away, I’m probably not going to make it. Still, a release date before 30 September should be doable.

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