Now that my barbarian’s warcry has your attention, it’s time to announce that Barbaric Traits is available for $1.26 US at DriveThruRPG. This PDF presents 36 new character traits, and they’re not just for barbarians. Indeed, these traits can help flesh out any character that hails from some savage frontier where honor and sharp steel matter more than manners and shiny coins.

Inspired by the works of Robert E. Howard and a certain cartoon barbarian with a sun sword, these 36 traits are divided evenly between Combat, Faith, Magic, and Social categories. Now your savage hero can become Blood-Mad, utter a Motivational Expletive, practice Poisonous Sorcery, or benefit from knowledge gained as a Barbaric Ambassador (to mention just one-ninth of the traits packed into this PDF).

Barbaric Traits is 11 pages of black-and-white, printer-friendly crunch.

On the homefront, I’m back to work. I’ve been hired as the library coordinator at West Houston Charter School, soon to be the Aristoi Classical Academy. After a year of unsteady to no employment, I’m once again working full-time in education. It might not be in the classroom, but WHCS is a great school with a new principal whose skill and vision promise nothing but more greatness.

Regarding Spes Magna Games, there are two more PDFs coming down the pipe. First will be Ars Metamagica, a retooling of the metamagic system that requires neither feats nor skill ranks. After that should be the short adventure Down the Rabbit Hole.

I also need to revamp this site a bit. I want to add a complete products page that includes links the stores at Paizo.com and DriveThruRPG.

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