The Zombies Are Coming! The Zombies Are Coming!

Take some time to check out Troll in the Corner. They’ve got some intriguing content on their website.

I was first clued in about this company via a Pathfinder book giveaway contest. It’s sort of an Internet honey-do list. Visit here. Like this. Follow that. Complete the instructions, and you get a chance to win nifty Pathfinder stuff, including three hardback books: the bestiary, the core rule book, and the GameMastery Guide. You can read all about this spiffy contest by clicking on this sentence.

If you’re not into contests, I heartily recommend you check out the World of Aruneus patronage project. This looks like some good zombie-smashing fun. Makes me wish I had a full-time job so that I could jump in at least the $10 level.

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