Through the Obsidian Portal!

Why, hello there!

I’ve made a few posts here about Man Day’s new “We’re Not In Arkansas Anymore!” campaign. I’ve also received nice feedback about WNIAA from an RPG vee-eye-pee, who shall remain nameless so it doesn’t like I’m just name-dropping. Recently, fellow Man Day adventurer Terry convinced me to check out Obsidian Portal. I fixed my skepticism firmly in place to help convince me that something new and wiki wouldn’t be to my liking.

I was wrong. Obsidian Portal is a hoot. It’s easy to use, comes with friendly how-to videos, and has a cool name. Seriously. Obsidian Portal. That right there just screams, “Open me! Adventure awaits!”

So, WNIAA is now officially an Obsidian Portal campaign. You check it out by clicking here.

In company news, Spes Magna Games now has a store at Now you can purchase Spes Magna products with the easy convenience of the Paizo on-line shopping experience. You Quid Novi? subscribers can still use your subscriber discount code. Also, starting this Wednesday, 16 June, we launch our 25% off Father’s Day sale that lasts until Wednesday, 23 June. Visit the store today to check out what we have to offer.

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