Roughing It in the Four Communities Region

During our first “We’re Not In Arkansas Anymore!” session, Man-Day Adventurers received some basic information not only about the various power groups in the Four Communities region, but also about the major geographical features. Here they are:

The Ancient Bridge
This is the site of the bus crash. The Ancient Bridge once connected the two banks of the Witch Hex River to the King’s Road. The Ancient Bridge now stands in ruins, and the King’s Road has long been in need of maintenance. The latter no longer winds its way south. Years of neglect and the Witch Hex Swamp have taken their toll on the road. (Get it?)

Bloodscale Lake
The deep, dark waters of this spring-fed lake may contain rich fishing, but the lizard folk of the Bloodscale Clans dominate the region.

The Cataracts
The Witch Hex River descends violently over two cataracts before it continues on its way through the Verminous Valley.

Green River
The Green River originates in the Shield Tors southwest of the Four Communities. It runs a course roughly parallel to that of the Witch Hex River. Fishing remains good in the Green River, leading some to believe that the Plague Lands may not be quite so dangerous anymore. Others point out that just because fish living underwater don’t carry the plague is no sign that the contagion has passed.

Highland Pass
The Highland Pass through the Shield Tors to the banks of the Witch Hex River is that part of the King’s Road that once led to the near side of the Ancient Bridge. Shield Watch detachments regularly patrol the Highland Pass.

Shield Tors
These rugged, rocky highlands separate the Four Communities from the southern wilderness dominated by the Bloodscale Clans. The Shield Tors are not, however, without their hazards. Gangs of evil humanoids and even ogres live here. Caves riddle these highlands.

Verminous Valley
The full extent of this valley isn’t known. It is deep and rugged, cut by the Witch Hex River. Unsurprisingly, monstrous vermin teem in the valley. Rumor has it that a race of intelligent monstrous spiders live here.

Whispering Woods
These old woods border the Four Communities to the north, west, and east, and extend for days in all three directions. The remnants of the King’s Road cut through the Whispering Wood east-by-northeast, following the Green River into the Plague Lands.

Witch Hex River
This deep, fast river originates in the Bloodscale Lake and Witch Hex Swamp. It plunges over the Cataracts into the Verminous Valley.

Witch Hex Swamp
The full extent of this marshland is not known. It bubbles south and southwest of the Bloodscale Lake. It is rumored that all manner of horrible monsters live in the Witch Hex Swamp. Many of these rumors include talk of the Black Tongue Society.

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