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Spes Magna Games has two new PDFs for sale via the Purchase link above.

Brand new in our inventory is Gazae et Monstri: Treasure & Monsters from Greek & Roman Myth, which sells for $0.99 US. Six new magic items wait to be looted from the pages of this PDF. Five monsters wait to be defeated by your players. Previous posts on this site have previewed G&M content:

More Flesh-Eating Mares & Delphic Mists
An Awful Giant & Flesh-Eating Mares
Magic Items & Monsters of Greek and Roman Myth

Make your game more mythic with G&M!

The other new PDF is Latina Facta & Versatile Performance Redux, which combines two products previously available only to Quid Novi? subscribers and puts them on sale for $0.75 US. Latina Facta presents 15 new feats, each one inspired by a Latin phrase or saying. For example:

Age. Fac Ut Gaudeam! (General)
Go ahead. Make my day!
Prerequisite: Intimidate 3 ranks.
Benefit: When you successfully demoralize an enemy via Intimidate, that enemy is not only shaken but is also forced to delay his initiative for his next turn by 10 points.

Fas Est Et Ab Hoste Doceri (General)
It’s proper to learn even from an enemy.
Prerequisite: 1 rank in the chosen Knowledge skill.
Benefit: Choose a one Knowledge skill from this list: Arcana, Dungeoneering, Local, Nature, Planes, or Religion. You gain a +4 bonus on checks to identify monsters and their special powers or vulnerabilities with the chosen skill.
Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. Its effects do not stack. Each time you take the feat, it applies to a new Knowledge skill.

Versatile Performance Redux offers an alternative Versatile Performance class feature for Pathfinder bards. With VPR, your bard not only gets an additional skill point at certain levels, but also lears different Associated Arts. An Associated Art is a special ability inspired by terms and techniques of acting, dance, and music. For example:

Dissonance (Su) Dissonant music is harsh, discordant, and lacks harmony. A bard using Dissonance with Inspire Courage applies half the bonus as a morale penalty to his enemies saving throws against fear, attack rolls, and weapon damage rolls (minimum -1). Enemies must be within 30 feet and able to hear the bard’s performance. The effect persists for as long as the enemy is within 30 feet and the bard continues the performance. The bard’s allies receive no benefit from Inspire Courage when the bard uses Dissonance. This is a mind-affecting ability with audible components.

Breakaway (Sp) A breakaway is a specially designed prop or set piece that looks solid but shatters easily. By expending 1 round of Bardic Performance as a standard action, the bard grants increased ability to damage objects to a single ally within 30 feet who can see and hear the bard. Until the end of the affected ally’s next turn, that ally enjoys a +2 competence bonus on checks to break or burst objects, including attempts to sunder.

All told, VPR includes 14 Associated Arts divided into acting, music, and dance categories.

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