An Awful Giant & Flesh-Eating Mares

More previews of an upcoming PDF for Pathfinder:

Antaeus is the monstrous offspring of a hill giant and a powerful earth elemental. He stands about 16 feet tall and weighs nearly 5,000 pounds. Coarse black hair covers his ruddy flesh, and his fingernails, toenails, and teeth appear to be made of stone. He wears a shirt made from the cured hide of a bull elephant and carries an enormous bag.

Antaeus makes his living via robbery, extortion, and kidnapping. He eschews weapons in favor of fighting with his bare hands. His skill in unarmed combat is great. Combined with his enormous strength, Antaeus is capable of squeezing the life out of dire predators. Thanks to his elemental mother, Antaeus possesses remarkable supernatural powers as well, making him all the more deadly.

This horrible giant loves to use tremorsense and burrowing to ambush victims. If hard-pressed in battle, he retreats via burrowing long enough to regenerate his injuries. He may also use a combination of burrowing and rock throwing to harass enemies from a distance.


The mares of Diomedes appear to be normal horses unless one gets a closer look at their jaws. Instead of the rough, blunt teeth of a herbivore, these mares possess the tearing fangs of a predator. All members of this species are female. When in heat, a mare of Diomedes attracts a normal horse with which to mate. It then rejoins its pack. The mare’s foal may be either male or female, but male foals — which are normal horses — are set upon by the pack and devoured.

The mares of Diomedes hunt in packs much like wolves, but these powerful animals are not ambush predators. Instead, they run their prey to ground, and then circle in for the kill. They attack with their fangs and hooves, or else by trampling their victim.

In some regions, gnoll matriarchs catch and train these mares for battle. Add the advanced creature simple template to create a warmare of Diomedes.

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