Magic Items & Monsters of Greek & Roman Myth

Work progresses on various projects, including a collection of magic items and monsters inspired by Greek and Roman myth.

This new PDF comes after a poll conducted to determine what topic respondents most wanted to see covered next. Magic items and monsters of Greek and Roman myth won the poll against the other two options by nearly two to one. So, I’m working on six magic items and five monsters. As always, source material provides inspiration rather than limitations. My goal wasn’t to be mythologically correct, but rather was to turn some of my favorites into fun, useable items and creatures.

Here’s a sample:

Cesti of Eryx
Aura moderate evocation; CL 8th
Slot hands; Price 14,060 gp (for one gauntlet), 31,870 gp (for a pair); Weight 4 lbs. (for both gauntlets)

This “pair of prodigiously heavy gauntlets” is made from “the hides of seven huge oxen” and “stiffened by lead and iron sewn into them.” Both gauntlets are permanently “caked with blood and spattered brains.” These +1 mighty cleaving cold iron spiked gauntlets grant a +1 dodge bonus to AC if both gauntlets are worn at the same time.

Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, divine power, must be crafted as a pair to get the +1 dodge bonus to AC; Cost 15,935 gp (for a pair)

Quoted text is from Virgil’s The Aeneid, Book 5.400-414 (translated by David West, revised edition, Penguin Books, 2003).

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