The Urge for Revenge

I was up at about seven this morning. I did the dishes. I started the laundry. I sat down and started writing. By eleven, I had Quid Novi? IX finished and in the email queue for early Sunday morning. I got an email telling me that Game Geek #5 from Avalon Game Company is now on sale for $1 US. Among other things, it features my second regular column, this one about using real world history as a starting point for a sandbox-style campaign.

It seemed like a good idea to take a break. The wife had gone to the grocery store. We put away groceries. Giant Boy and I climbed into the car to head to Target to purchase few other items, including a small bookshelf for Giant Boy’s room. While were gone, the girls started working on lunch. Christopher and I got back. We put his shelf together. While my daughter was slicing an apple, she cut through the meaty part of her right thumb’s tip. In an instant, the day went from pleasant to craptacular.

Christopher and wife Katrina performed admirably under pressure. When an emergency hits, I can bark orders like nobody’s business. I discovered that, yes, my aging Toyota can hit 80 miles per hour on the highway. Adrienne’s cut’s a bad one. She and Katrina are still at the ER after nearly four hours. Katrina just told me the doctor is seeing them.

At the ER, when we were told it would be two hours before a doctor would see Adrienne, Katrina inquired about getting something for Adrienne for her pain. In a hospital full of highly trained medical personnel, there wasn’t a single person we could find qualified to make the weighty decision to give my daughter a couple of Tylenol.

If bureacracy has an alignment, it’s closer to lawful evil than anything else.

I hit a nearby gas station and bought a bottle of water and some Tylenol. Back in the ER, I gave the Tylenol to Adrienne, who worried that I was doing something wrong. How quickly people can accept the senseless limitations imposed on them by others. Before leaving the ER to head back home, leaving Katrina with Adrienne, I told Katrina:

“When you see the doctor, tell him I gave Adrienne some Tylenol. If he doesn’t like that, tell him that your husband said, ‘Kiss my ass.'”

Of course, I doubt seriously Katrina would do this. She’s the filter on my too loud internal monologue.

Christopher and I got home. I cleaned up the blood. I got rid of the fruit slicer that injured my daughter. I know this is a senseless act, but I couldn’t beat it up, and the desire to take revenge on something for her getting hurt could not be ignored. The boy and I ate lunch, and we watched this week’s Fringe episode. Since then, Christopher’s worked on homework, and I’ve typed this.

The bottom line is that further progress on Spes Magna projects has been derailed for at least today. Of course, there’re still some points of interest. Rewarding Roleplaying remains on sale. If you’re not subscribed to Quid Novi?, you can sign up for our newsletter. If you get that done early enough today, you’ll not miss Issue IX being emailed to you. You can also become a Spes Magna Facebook fan.

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  • Caine says:

    You know, if you keep babying the girl child like that she will not be at all prepared for when it comes time to lift the urn of glowing embers with her forearms and brand the dragons onto her flesh. For that matter, and don’t take this personally, but I have some doubts about giant boy’s preparedness for that trial as well. It would seem you have much work to do (in addition to needing to write more, make more posts on this site, and generate all these other quirky custom rules you have promised the world).

    The wanderer

  • admin says:

    Dear The wanderer:

    I know what you mean. Fortunately, my new fire ant injection system is up and running. *That*’ will help toughen them up.

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