H Is for Hybrid

hybrid: (adj.) of mixed character; composed of mixed parts

I can’t help but think that if I’d known John Candy I would’ve loved him. Requiescat in pace, Mr. Candy.


“I’m a mog: half man, half dog. I’m my own best friend!”

Appearance & Biology

Mogs combine canine and human traits, but they favor the latter more heavily that the former. Most mogs have dog-like ears and canine noses. Rather than hair, most have fur growing on their heads, arms, and legs. Also, most mogs have a tail. Mogs can be found on many worlds, especially those with substantial human populations. This race needs atmospheres and biospheres miscible with human life in order to thrive. Mogs tend to be carnivorous, but they seldom object to supplementing their diets with tasty fruits, vegetables, and grains.


Pre-Scream gengineering projects produced the first generation of mogs for use in law enforcement and disaster response. Dogs of various breeds had been used by humans since prehistory. Policy makers thought that adding human intelligence to the canine’s trainability and loyalty would produce ideal police and emergency response support assets. When humanity took to the stars, they brought their mogs with them.

When the Scream shattered human colonies, mogs were instrumental in helping many survivors live through the chaos that followed. Other mogs found themselves forced to survive on their own. In the six centuries since the Scream, mogs have expanded and become more diverse. They are a common sight on many more populous worlds.


Most mogs are insatiably curious, constantly prying into the affairs of those around them. They still retain a strong sense of pack life, and the concept of privacy tends to mean little to them. Mogs love to explore new places and meet new sapients. Consequently, mogs love to travel, and many roam the stars, working on spike-drive ships. The mogs’ pack instinct becomes most pronounced when they form attachments to humans. A loyal mog can be counted on through thick and thin, and many believe that mog is man’s best friend.

Mogs as Player Characters

A mog player character must have at least a 14 in either Wisdom or in Constitution. They are unrestricted in terms of character class, although psychic mogs are rare. Perception is always a class skill for a mog.

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