The Sons of Liberty, Session 3

Session three of our Sons of Liberty Marvel Heroic Roleplaying campaign met last night. Since I’d already written about playing MHR, I figured it made sense to provide a session recap.

Eagle Eye, the Mason, and the Protector had defeated Pearl-Feather, rescuing Paul Revere and William Dawes, and enjoyed the hospitality of the mysterious storyteller Iagoo. The heroes also learned that Pearl-Feather spoke of a “powerful weapon” being built at Fort Ticonderoga in Vermont. Iagoo told the heroes that the Pearl-Feather likely escaped into his swampy domain, an evil land full of disease and guarded by dragon-like Kenabeeks.

After some discussion, the heroes decided to investigate the rumor about the weapon. Eagle Eye led the way through the spirit world of Appalachia to the outskirts of New York City. The Protector donned civilian gear. The Mason and Eagle Eye skulked through the city’s substructures, rightly figuring that the Mason’s rocky appearance would attract too much attention. The heroes planned to rendezvous at the Protector’s offices at United Pearson Shipping near the waterfront.

In the wharf-side tavern Niko’s, the Protector was surprised to find Miss Jenny, whom the heroes had met in Lexington. Miss Jenny claimed to be a traveling tinker, but Black Dynamo, who had secretly investigated her wagon, was of the opinion that her claim was a front.

The Protector, as wealthy shipping magnate Mr. Pearson, learned from Miss Jenny that at man named Gwynn Prichard was in charge of the fort and whatever was being built. She had also heard talk of a mysterious figure known only as the Doctor. Large shipments of iron plating had regularly been received at the fort. The Protector asked if Miss Jenny could help him meet Prichard, and she gave the Protector a simple lady’s ring, saying, “Present this to Mr. Prichard and tell him Miss Jenny sent you.” Perhaps inexplicably, the Protector trusted Miss Jenny with near total confidence.

While this was going on, the Mason and Eagle Eye heard strange, howling winds in the sewers where they were hiding. Eagle Eye identified the howling as a sign of the Pauguk, a vengeful spirit that seeks to punish those who’ve violated Iroquois sacred sites. Fortunately, it was still day time, and the Pauguk supposedly hated sunlight. Eagle Eye left the sewer and shortly bumped into the Protector, who’d left Niko’s and was on his way to his offices. The Mason plodded his way under the harbor and entertained himself by wreaking havoc with the anchors of British ships.

The heroes left New York City for Vermont and the hamlet of Ticonderoga, there to meet up with Ethan Allen, a local businessman who had contacts with the fort. Along the way, the heroes were attacked by the Pauguk, a howling whirlwind of ghosts. The fight was brief but fierce, with Eagle Eye striking the final blow after he’d shifted into the spirit world to fight the monster (but not before the Pauguk had stolen Eagle Eye’s mystic senses).

In the hamlet, the heroes met with Ethan Allen, who agreed to have this Green Mountain Boys ready to assist. The Protector and Eagle Eye entered the fort, using Miss Jenny’s ring to get an audience not only with Gwynn but also with his two younger brothers Aneirin and Andras. The Mason “earth swam” beneath everyone’s feet.

In the fort, the Protector and Eagle Eye were escorted by Gwynn to a wooden building attached to a much larger, barn-like structure. Gwynn showed Miss Jenny’s ring to his brothers, and all three men agreed that it was time for the heroes to die! The heroes thus discovered that Miss Jenny was a British spy.

Thus began a pitched battle pitting the three heroes against two platoons of Redcoats and the Alchemists Three, who were intent of capturing the Mason alive so that he could be turned over to a mysterious figure known only as the Grand Witch. During the fight, something large and powerful was launched from the barn-like structure. The heroes eventually prevailed, but Gwynn escaped by using his alchemical knowledge to transform into air and fly away.

The last revelation of the evening was the heroes watching an enormous robot rocket away into the morning sky, heading southward.

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