The inestimable Dyson Logos has announced a contest involving a map. Of course. Check this out. The short version is that I take one of Dyson’s unfinished maps, finish it in an undoubtedly inferior style, and e-mail the finished map to Dyson himself.

Dyson writes, “I’ll post every entry I get here on the blog (with full credit to the artists involved), and if I get a dozen or more entries that get past the curating process (see below) I’ll give away one of the last remaining copies of the Deluxe Edition of Dyson’s Delves and will include at LEAST one hand-written original and never before published adventure inside it (as well as the adventure that only appears in the Deluxe Edition that has never appeared on the blog).

“Anyone can win – winner of the book will not be chosen by style, ability or product, but by random lottery (although only ‘serious’ entries will make it into the random lottery – so just drawing six lines in crayon will NOT get you a prize – this is the curating process described above). Any other prizes I decide to give away (like some original maps and stuff) will be based on curated and judged contest entries, but the main prize (the book) will be won by a random entrant from the curated list.”

Excellent contest. I must enter. I’ve already won one Dyson Logos map. How can I not covet more?

Speaking of contests, Erik Tenkar’s got one going as well. Do you want to be an OSR superstar? Of course you do, and this contest is a chance to make all of those dreams come true.

Erik’s contest runs in three rounds. Each round focuses on a different facet of OSR superstardom among a dwindling pool of competitors. Think of round one as a sort of OSR superstardom contest dungeon funnel. Prizes for OSR superstardom include virtual cash for use at RPGNow, cash via PayPal, and one OD&D Reprint Box.

The gauntlet has been cast! Roll initiative!

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