Babur the Solicitous

The holy man called Babur the Solicitous travels the spaceways, seldom in luxury but often for little or no cost to himself. Babur is an adherent to a tiny Buddhist sect, and the faithful believe Babur has been shown special favor due to his sacred lineage. Wealthy members of the sect provide Babur with generous stipends that permit him to wander the cosmos, spreading the message of enlightenment and aiding the oppressed, including those who are oppressed by their own selfish attachments.

Due to his martial arts training and unusual psychic powers, Babur is remarkably agile and quick-footed. His graceful punches, kicks, and walking stick moves can inflict damage even against targets that would otherwise be immune to low-tech attacks. A victim reduced to 0 hit points by such attacks is either unconscious for 1d4 minutes or helplessly restrained by the holy man, at the Babur’s discretion. Babur has an intuitive ability to communicate via psychic empathy with animal-intelligence xenobeasts. Such creatures seldom menace or attack Babur, and he can often influence them to follow simple mental instructions.

Stars Without Number Data

Babur the Solicitous
Armor Class: 6
Hit Dice: 4
Attack Bonus: +4
Damage: 1d6+2 walking stick, or 1d8 weaponless
Skill Bonus: +3 (+6 for anything related to athleticism or perception)
Saving Throw: 13+
Movement: 45 ft.
Morale: 10

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