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This past Saturday, I was DMing a Pathfinder/Fencing & Firearms/Rewarding Roleplaying adventure, using Goodman Games’s Lost Vault of Tsathar Rho. A good time was mostly had by all. Our resident grouch bad-mouthed Pathfinder‘s consolidation of certain skills (such as combining Listen, Search, and Spot into Perception). I was suddenly reminded of something I read on EN World. I’m not sure if the poster was actually referencing a game system, but the post stuck in my mind, and I pointed out, “Hey, it could be worse. d20 skills could be reduced to just six.”

So, if you think that there are still too many skills, you can always use The Ultimate Skill Consolidation List:

Doing Stuff (Strength)
Doing Stuff (Dexterity)
Doing Stuff (Constitution)
Doing Stuff (Intelligence)
Doing Stuff (Wisdom)
Doing Stuff (Charisma)

Player: I jump over the table, and then knock it on its side to hide behind.

DM: Please give me Doing Stuff (Dexterity) and Doing Stuff (Strength) checks.

How’s that for consolidated?

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