Holiday Gaming?

The holidays are often a time that mess with my gaming schedule, which kind of bugs me. Back when I didn’t have a wife, children, a mortgage, et cetera, the holidays were a time when there was more rather than less gaming. To help remedy this situation, I’m hosting two games in the next couple of weeks, more or less open to whomever RSVPs before I end up with a group larger than will fit in my house.

On November 29, we’re going to play 3:16 Carnage Amongst the Stars, which is published by Box Ninja Games. Here’s the exciting hook text for “Stormbringer Coming!”:

“Lissen up, troopers! We’re headin’ from the fryin’ pan into the biggest, hottest [expletive deleted] fire you’ve ever seen. The bugs got us by the [expletive deleted], but, [expletive deleted] it, we’ve got one chance to pull our [expletive deleted] out of the grinder. Squad Alpha, you’re going to steal a shuttle, ride it up to Stormbringer, and then nuke the bugs from orbit. The rest of us are going to run interference. We’re all dead anyways, but we’re sure as [expletive deleted] gonna take these [expletive deleted] down with us! Hoo-ah!”

About a week later, on December 7, we’re going to play Barbarians of Lemuria, which is published by Beyond Belief Games. Here’s the exciting hook text for “Battle Axis”:

You’ve faced the horrific hordes of evil before, but never like this. Thunder sticks? Rolling golems? Metal wagons hauling away women and children? You might not understand much about what’s going on, but it’s time to cleave some skulls and send some of these “Not Zees” screaming into the pits of hell!

So, how does your gaming play out over the holidays?

P.S. Speaking of holidays and gaming, did you know that you can get my A Medieval Holiday for $0.75 with this special discount code (which expires after December 15)?

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