The Pattern of Gallant Commerce

The Pattern of Gallant Commerce: This magic item appears to be nothing more than a common set of sewing patterns. If the instructions are followed meticulously (which requires 1,000 gold pieces worth of fine cloth and bejeweled accessories), the tailor produces a magical set of merchant’s clothes. The enchantments woven into these clothes increase the wearer’s business acumen. He can appraise the value of an item to within 10% of its actual value with only a cursory inspection. When buying goods, the wearer always pays 1d6+4% less than asking price due to his magically augmented negotiating skills.

The Pattern of Gallant Commerce‘s outfit is widely viewed with distaste as it grants what many view as an unfair advantage. Anyone seeking to benefit from the enchanted clothing made by following the pattern’s instructions is well-advised to figure out ways to mask the outfit’s magical powers from detection.

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