Valfoxell’s Adventitious Pretense

The guard watched as the portly, balding man in symbol-spangled robes sauntered up to portal.

“No one’s allowed here,” the guard said. He tightened his grip on his halberd.

“That’s almost always true,” the man said, mopping sweat from his wrinkled brow, “but as you can plainly see, I am Her Imperial Majesty, the Dread Queen of this realm. Let me pass.”

The guard nearly fumbled his halberd in his haste to unlock and open the portal, all the way mumbling a string of apologies. The pudgy magic-user patted the guard reassuringly as he passed through.

“Make sure you lock up after me,” the magic-user said with a grin.

Valfoxell’s Adventitious Pretense
Spell Level: Magic-User, 3rd Level
Range: Caster
Duration: 1 hour

For the duration of this spell, the caster’s words acquire an air of unquestionable truth, no matter how unbelievable those words may actually be. Those who hear the caster’s lies are permitted a saving throw to realize they are being duped. Valfoxell’s Adventitious Pretense does not function in combat.

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