The Charm of Emitting Shadow

The Kivulis of the Cairn Lands specialized in magic related to light and shadow. Each of these five protectors wore a Charm of Emitting Shadow as a badge of their authority. When the Ebon Contagion swept across the Cairn Lands, not even the Kivulis could stem the tide of soulless evil that followed. The sacred burial grounds guarded by the Kivulis for generations became corrupted, and the cairns themselves cracked open as the hallowed dead within clawed their way to the surface as undead horrors.

Four of the five Charms of Emitting Shadow remain lost, presumably somewhere within the haunted wilderness that once was the Cairn Lands. Princess Nuru of House Taa wears the fifth charm, and it is no secret that she wishes to found the Kivulis anew as a first step toward reconsecrating the Cairn Lands.

The Charm of Emitting Shadow: This colorless crystalline sphere holds within it a shadowy imperfection that seems to shift and twist as if seeking escape. When held and concentrated upon, the shadow within the sphere leaps forth, extending from the holder across intervening surfaces to a range of 60 feet. As long as the charm’s user concentrates, he can will the shadow to shift location, but it always remains anchored to the user. The shadow can manipulate objects with its shadowy hands, lifting and moving up to 20 pounds per point of Wisdom possessed by the user. It is up to the Referee’s interpretation whether the objects can be thrown, and, if so, to what effect. The charm will not function in total darkness.

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