The Tariit

Tariits are an avian species native to Lygia, a world of vast plains, impenetrable jungles, and volcanic ridges. They appear to be small birds with three agile clawed digits growing from each wing. Their plumage tends toward shades of blue, yellow, or white, with females having feathers of duller shades. A full-grown adult taritt stands about three feet high with a wingspan about twice that.

To the casual off-worlder, a Tariit can easily be mistaken for a mere animal. These creatures are, however, intelligent beings who live in chaotic tribal communities. Tariits weave well-camoflauged dwellings out of grasses and leaves in the treetops of Lygian jungles. They make use of simple tools made of wood, bone, and stone. They subsist on insects, small reptiles, fruits, and nuts.

Life within a Tariit tribe is far from harmonious. Relations within a tribe are fractious as Tariits jockey for leadership over various aspects of daily life. Allegiances shift with confusing rapidity, and, what with the constant squabbling, it’s a wonder that Tariits manage their day-to-day affairs. Despite the constant power struggles and ever-changing factions, violence between Tariits of the tribe remains rare.

Psychology: Lygia is terrifying to Tariits, who are far from being the alpha predator of their environs. Tariit society based around hiding or protecting themselves from these many natural hazards of their world. The most revered Tariits are those who are best hidden or best protected, and who can give protection and concealment to their fellows. Most Tariits are quite cowardly by human measure, but occasionally they can be driven into a frenzy of terror in which they fight with the courage of the doomed.

Tariit as Player Characters: No Tariits have ventured off-world from Lygia. The very idea of taking to the heavens with the aliens who’ve set up a research outpost on Lygia is too terrifying to consider. Given their low tech level and cowardly disposition, Tariits would make poor player characters. Of course, an exceptional Tariit or two could defy their nature enough to become adventurers of sorts. If this is the case, Tariits should have a Strength score no higher than 10, a Constitution score no higher than 12, and a Dexterity score no lower than 13.

Stars Without Number Data

Armor Class: 8
Hit Dice: 1
Attack Bonus: +1
Damage: 1d4 various primitive weapons
No. Appearing: 7-20
Saving Throw: 15+
Movement: 20 ft., 30 ft. flying
Skill Bonus: +1
Morale: 6

Lygia at a Glance
Population: Outpost
Atmosphere: Breathable Mix
Climate: Warm
Biosphere: Human Miscible
Government: Corporatist
Tech Level: 4 (0 among natives)
Tags: Friendly Foe, Primitive Aliens

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