Sequeko’s Coextensive Neck

Sequeko was a powerful magic-user from the ancient land of Kush. Famous for her beauty and wisdom, Sequeko ruled Kush for two centuries, sustaining her youth and vitality by means of annual exposure to a strange fire that erupted from a crater in a cavern deep beneath the royal palace. While skilled in all arcane arts, Sequeko’s greatest power resided in her mastery of interdimensionalism. She could open portals to other planes of existence, and she forged alliances with several extradimensional powers. Sequeko crafted several unique magic items, both for her personal use and as gifts and rewards for those who with whom she was well-pleased. Many of these magic items made use of Sequeko’s interdimensionalism.

Sequeko’s Coextensive Neck: This rare and unusual magic item appears to be a series of gold rings that fit snugly around the neck. When worn, they create a protective aura around the wearer’s neck. Hazards related to swallowing dangerous substances, invasive parasites, et cetera, do not affect the wearer, for the source of the harm is shunted into another dimension. Attacks that affect the neck are likewise ineffective.

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