The Fichae

Herbivorous fichae (singular ficha) travel the vast verdant prairies of Lygia in small, competitive herds, usually comprised of an adult male, an adult female, and their offspring of various ages. Adult fichae are ponderous land animals. A full-grown bull stands 12 feet at the shoulder on average, and weighs around three tons. Full-grown cows are slightly smaller and lighter. These xenobeasts resemble ancient Terran ceratopsid dinosaurs, such as the triceratops or centrosaurus, but with rose and light purple scales.

Ficha cows go into heat about every seven Terran months, gestate for fourteen terran months on average, and typically deliver one or two young, which reach sexual maturity after about 16 Terran years. Mature bulls leave the herd in order to find a mate from another herd. This is a dangerous time the male’s life, for rival herds view unrelated males as threats. Violence against a rogue male by the herd’s alpha male is common.

Speaking of violence, fichae may be herbivores, but they are also aggressive, more likely to run at than away from a perceived threat. Against larger creatures, a ficha attacks with its powerful gore attack. Smaller creatures simply get trampled. When faced with a charging ficha, a smaller creature has a choice: either stand their ground and try to attack the ficha, or else to jump out of the way. In the former case, the smaller creature can attack with a -2 penalty before getting trampled for 4d6 points of damage. Otherwise, the smaller creature can attempt an Evasion save to leap out of the path of the ficha’s charge and avoid damage.

Stars Without Number

Armor Class: 3
Hit Dice: 12+12
Attack Bonus: +10
Damage: 2d6 gore, or 4d6 trample
No. Appearing: 3-9
Saving Throw:
Movement: 45 ft.
Morale: 8

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