Days 25-30: The Rest of the Challenge!

Here I am, finishing up the 30-Day D&D Challenge in a bit more than thirty days. Lesson learned? Don’t start this sort of thing the same month I go back to work for a new school year.

Day 25: Favorite Magic Item

This is an easy one. My oldest character, Lord Korbok, had a set of six magical nails called the nails of Prynn. Each nail was about 6-inches long, and each was sturdy enough to support a couple hundred pounds. When one of these nails was held point-first against a surface and the command word spoken, the nail would insert itself into the surface. The nails were extracted via another command word. The magic of the nails was strong enough to have them penetrate worked stone. Korbok used them for climbing. He also used them in combination with his cloak, which permitted him to dimension door a certain number of times per day. Korbok would poke a hole in a door with a nail, peek through the hole, and then dimension door to the location he could see.

Day 26: Favorite Nonmagic Item

I like for my characters to have some signature item. Lord Korbok smoked a pipe. He collected them (or, more often, stole them). I’ve had characters who liked fancy hats, collected trophies from fallen enemies, carried books of poetry, et cetera. For a while I ran gnome cleric/rogue in 3.5E. At least once per session, I managed to finesse (or dumb luck) my way into a situation where the gnome profited at the expense of the rest of the party. He’d then spend his ill-gotten goods to buy love tokens for another player’s female elf. These love tokens were never magical items, although they were sometimes practical, such as the time he bought her a quiver of silver-tipped arrows.

Day 27: A Character I Want to Play in the Future
Day 28: A Character I Will Never Play Again

Same answer for both: Lord Korbok.

Why I want to play him again is simply because he’s my oldest and most played character. I doubt I’ll ever get the chance to play him again. No one I know runs 1E or 2E, and, even if they did, Lord Korbok is a tough PC. After running him for years and years, he’s collected quite the arsenal of magic items, henchmen, et cetera. He’s not the sort of character that would easily get dropped into an ongoing campaign, or so I imagine at least.

Also, I’m not sure playing Lord Korbok again would be all that satisfying. Most of his adventures took place within the context of a specific group of gamers, none of whom I game with today. The most consistently present of those gamers, Fred, died a few years ago. I may encounter the same situation with Lord Korbok I encountered with his EverQuest version, Korbok Ironspyre.

Fred and I didn’t live near each other. He was about an hour away, and the obligations of family, work, et cetera, made it difficult to get together except on weekends and holidays. So, we played EverQuest. He ran a dwarf called Grusty Ironspyre, and our in-game story was that we were brothers. Grusty and Korbok had many adventures.

Some time after Fred died, I logged back onto EverQuest. It just wasn’t the same. The main reason I played EverQuest was because Fred played EverQuest, and vice versa. Without Fred/Grusty, it seemed kind of pointless. Korbok Ironspyre traveled one last time back to Kaladim. He found a low-level dwarf fighter and bequeathed all of his treasure, armor, and weapons to that newbie, and then Korbok Ironspyre retired. I’ve never played EverQuest again.

Day 29: The Number I Always Seem to Roll on a d20

I always seem to roll a whole number. I mean, seriously, what a bizarre thing to be expected to write about.

Day 30: The Best DM I’ve Had

I don’t want to say. I game with friends, and I don’t like ranking friends against each other. In my current gaming group, three of the current players have GMed in the past. I’d play with any of them as GM again. They all three have their individual strengths and weaknesses, but the bottom line is this: I don’t game with them because I admire their gaming prowess. I game with them because I enjoy their company.

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