Why Dyson Logos Is Nifty

So, I was plussing with my Google, and I saw a link for this blogpost by Dyson Logos. I read it. I thought, “Win a Dyson Logos map, and all I gotta do is write about how awesome Dyson is. Nifty!”

Why Dyson Logos is Nifty: Reason the First

The maps. Duh.

I’ve talked about Dyson Logos’s excellent maps here before. Examples. I’ve used several of Dyson’s maps for games, sometimes impromptu-ly. You know how it is. The players’ characters go into an unmapped part of the adventure, and you’re faced with a choice: tell them they can’t go that way, make up a map as you go long, or use one of Dyson’s maps.

Heck, some of Dyson’s maps come with complete adventures. You could, for instance, accept the Challenge of the Frog Idol.

Why Dyson Logos is Nifty: Reason the Second

This is kind of a subdivision of Reason the First. A Dyson Logos map is one of the few things that makes me look better. Don’t think that’s possible? Check out that picture to the right. Cover up the map with your thumb or whatever. I look good. Uncover the map. I look better. Amazing!

Why Dyson Logos is Nifty: Reason the Third

Random tables. Lots of them, for use with “for D&D-style fantasy games” (to quote Dyson Logos). They’re some goodies here. I’m particularly fond of Dragon Breath and More Dragon Breaths. There are also a few random tables for use with non-D&D-style games.

Why Dyson Logos is Nifty: Reason the Fourth

Books! Available via Lulu and RPGNow, you can get your hands on both Dyson’s Delves (full of excellent maps) and Magical Theorems & Dark Pacts (full of OSR spellcasting goodness).

Why Dyson Logos is Nifty: Reason the Fifth

Geodesic Gnomes. No, seriously. This game rocks. Not only is the title a delicious pun, it’s also a wonderful example of rules-lite free RPGs. Download it today. Run it this weekend.

If you’ve never checked out Dyson Logos, you now have five reasons to. Click those links and be astonished.

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