The Fombui

The Fombu (pl. Fombui) is a strange crystalline creature that dwells in the dark and muck of lake bottoms and sea floors. They are seldom encountered as the Fombui have little reason to leave their aquatic abodes. A Fombu appears to be a five stems growing from a central clump. Frail-seeming projections grow upward from these stems, creating a sort of comb-like structure. The longer, more mature projections end in sensory nodules. No one is quite sure how large Fombui grow. Individuals with stems reaching lengths of six feet have been reported. Fombui are filter feeders, sucking water into their bodies and straining out tiny shrimp, algae, and so on. They move slowly by crawling about on stubby feet. Once every 1d6 rounds, a fombui can generate a powerful jolt of electricity. Creatures within 5 feet of the fombui suffer 4d8 points of electricity damage and are stunned for 1d6 rounds. Those within 10 feet suffer 2d8 points of electricity damage and are stunned for 1d3 rounds. Creatures no farther away than 15 feet suffer 1d8 points of electricity damage and are stunned for 1 round. A successful save halves this damage and negates stunning. Fombui cannot be harmed by electrical attacks.

Fombui are remarkably intelligent. They communicate with each other via targeted electrical impulses, doing so over distances as great as two or three miles. While the Fombui lack most trappings of civilization, they have eidetic memories and a rich, complex oral history.

Swords & Wizardry

Hit Dice: 4
Armor Class: 6 [13]
Attacks: electrical jolt
Saving Throw: 13
Special: immune to electricity
Move: 3
Alignment: Lawful
Challenge Level/XP: 6/400

Stars Without Number

Armor Class: 6
Hit Dice: 4
Attack Bonus: NA
Damage: electrical jolt
No. Appearing: 1d6
Saving Throw: 13
Movement: 10 ft.
Morale: 7

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