The Konstruaĵo

Centuries ago, when we moved into Stelo Sector to explore and colonize, settlers discovered the first Konstruaĵo sites, which, by that time, were already hundreds of centuries old. To this date, no one can say with certainty what happened to the Konstruaĵo or even what the Konstruaĵo looked like.

What is known? Well, this:

* Konstruaĵo architecture was designed to blend into the natural environment. Many Konstruaĵo structures extend into subterranean spaces.

* No stairs or ladders have been discovered in Konstruaĵo sites. The Konstruaĵo did make use of ramps, some of them quite steep.

* Most curiously perhaps, no depictions of Konstruaĵo life have ever been found. Likewise, xenoarchaeologists have uncovered very few Konstruaĵo artifacts. Those artifacts that have been found are invariably simple tools or utensils, most of them broken.

* It is believed the Konstruaĵo had a highly mystical culture. After the discovery of the Traduko Codex, which led xenocryptologists to reconstruct portions of the Konstruaĵo language, translations of rare Konstruaĵo literary fragments were completed.

* It appears as if Konstruaĵo religion centered on the idea that “enlightened ones” could manipulate reality via “purified senses”. It is almost certain that at least some Konstruaĵo were psychics.

* Inferences drawn from Konstruaĵo texts indicate that the Konstruaĵo were not bipedal humanoids. It is likely that the Konstruaĵo did not consume solid foods, but rather they had a system of externalized digestion, using enzymes to liquefy food before consumption.

The Traduko Codex

Among the many mysteries associated with the Konstruaĵo is the origin of the Traduko Codex, discovered accidentally by construction workers on Ryloth when the ground beneath an earth mover caved in, uncovering an ancient Konstruaĵo cave dwelling. Quite improbably, the fragmentary Traduko Codex included text in both the Konstruaĵo’s language as well as eme-ĝir, the standard dialect of ancient Sumeria, a Terran culture that dates back to the beginnings of recorded history on the human motherworld.

This Konstruaĵo-Terra connection has fueled speculation for decades. It must be that the Konstruaĵo visited Terra during the earliest periods of Terran history. What purpose these visits may have had, when the visits began, when they ended, et cetera, are questions that have yet to be answered.

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