Tibetan Dance of Protection? Piece of Cake!

I got to play InSpectres a couple of days ago from the time of this post. I slipped easily into the character of narcissistic muscleman and division CEO Floyd “Flex” Armstrong. Character generation is a breeze. You assign 9d6 among four ability scores, write a description, and come up with a talent. Flex’s talent was his impeccable sense of timing on the dance floor. His description emphasized his good looks and his background as a scholarship athlete who blew his knee out. During gameplay, a player may choose to enter the Confessional in order to change the story, to include modifying another player’s character by adding a characteristic to that character. My son Christopher confessed that his character knew Flex was not a college athlete but instead had been a dance major with a specialization in kabuki. Players earn extra experience for the group by roleplaying characteristics. So, I took one for the team and performed a Tibetan dance of protection to defend other characters against the supernatural.

Witness my too sweet dance moves:

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