The Grand Original Map Contest Link List!

Well, The Grand Original Map Contest is over, and the winners have been announced. Congrats to everyone who participated, and a huge thanks to the folks who ran the contest.

I’ve put together a link list of the entries that I was able to find links for. If there’s something I’ve missed or messed up, shoot me an email or whatever, and I’ll edit as needed.

* The Bone Blade by David Przybyla
* Torvek’s Tower at Forrest for the Trees
* A Matter of Justice by Dave Gerard
* Rarefied Blood, Dreaming in Darkness, Philosopher Ogres, and The Kingmaker Stone by Andrew Shields
* Beneath the Windowless Tower by John
* The Guard of the Heart of the Romance of the Dead
* The Prison of the Magic Square
* The Quarrymen by Duncan McPhedran
* The Mellified Men by Ian Coakley
* Escape from Groncho

Here are my two entries:

* River’s Bend Poets Inn
* The Mountain Fastness of the Vermillion Coenobites

And here are would-have-been entries if the deadline hadn’t been missed:

* The Hobgoblin Queen’s Birthday: Part One and Part Two
* New Dawn Combine’s Last & Present Days


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