Tower & Sea Caves

Well, here’s my first attempt at a map for posting. I think I did an okay job. I mean, it’s nothing to jump and down about, but I think the lines are clear enough, it’s easy enough to read, and what not.

The tower and sea caves have things that I like in a map: variable environments (ruins, caves, aquatic), more than one entrance, and distinct zones. For me, the map is also sufficiently generic that it looks as if it would lend itself to a variety of histories. Who built the tower? Why is it ruined? Why is there a shaft dropping into the caverns? What lives in the water? Et cetera.

Regarding the map itself, I drew it on the back of a school letterhead note. I used a mechanical pencil I found on my classroom floor for the drawing, and the eraser of another pencil for the erasing (because the mechanical pencil was missing its eraser). I inked the map with a Bic felt tip pen I had in my shirt pocket. After I scanned the image, I erased a few mistakes, some stray spots, and places where the school’s letterhead could be seen in reverse through the paper. If you click on the map, it’ll take you to a larger JPG image.

Fancy, huh?

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  • Caleb Collins says:

    That’s an awesome little map! My only advice is that filling the solid objects (trees and dungeon/tower walls and floors) with black might give my eye something to land on. Love the stippling and water current lines. 🙂

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