Kung Frogman!

Are you unfamiliar with the work of Darren M. A. Calvert? If so, you owe it to yourself to reverse that sad situation. Today’s creature is inspired by Darren’s Shaolin frog picture, featured with his kind permission to the right of these words.

For Swords & Wizardry:

Qing Wa (Kung Frogman)
Hit Dice: 1+1
Armor Class: 8 [11]
Attacks: By weapon (1d6) or kick (1d6)
Saving Throw: 17
Special: camouflage, flurry, flying kick
Move: 12, 9 (swimming)
Alignment: Lawful
Challenge Level/XP: 2/30

Native to the swampy jungles of Kung, the qing wa, or Kung frogmen as they are sometimes called, are a race of philosophical humanoid amphibians. Slight of build, about three-quarters the size of humans, qing wa are admirably adapted to life in their hidden temple-city and jungle environs. Qing wa are excellent climbers, quick swimmers, and are so well camouflaged due to natural coloration and skill that they are practically invisible when motionless. An integral part of qing wa culture is intense philosophical speculation combined with martial arts training. A qing wa can perform a flurry with any weapon, attacking several times in a single round. This is treated as a single attack roll with a -2 penalty that inflicts an additional 1d6 points of damage with a successful hit. A qing wa can also make a flying kick with a -2 attack roll penalty against a target up to 20 feet away. A successful flying kick inflicts 2d6+2 points of damage.

Rumor has it that rarely a qing wa strays from the path of enlightenment and embraces Chaos. These dark masters are reputed to have terrifying supernatural powers. Regarding the truth of these rumors, the qing wa themselves remain politely silent.

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