The Masked Diva

Okay, I admit it. I love Grace Jones. Well, not her personally. We’ve never met, although I have seen her once in concert in a nightclub in Oaha, Hawaii. But I do love her music, her voice, and I find her various presentations of herself fascinating. How I could not turn Grace Jones into a demonic servitor of the god of deceit?

For Swords & Wizardry:

Masked Diva
Hit Dice: 8+16
Armor Class: 8 [11] (due to DEX)
Attacks: by weapon (1d8)
Saving Throw: 8+
Special: 18 DEX, backstab x3, immune to deception, half damage from non-magic weapons, magic resistance (50%), magical abilities, thieving skills
Move: 15
Alignment: Chaotic
Challenge Level/XP: 12/2,000

A masked diva is type of demon that serves Li, god of deceit. Infrequently, one is sent to bedevil and assist Li’s faithful. She may also be sent to destroy those who offend Li. A masked diva possesses incredible dexterity. She can backstab as an 8th-level thief, and has the thieving abilities of the same, but with a +20% bonus to hide in shadows and move silently (75% and 80%, respectively). It is impossible to deceive a masked diva. She always sees through disguises (including magical ones), detects illusions for what they are, and cannot be fooled by even the most clever of lies. A masked diva sings and dances with great skill. Her songs have magical properties as well. A masked diva can “cast” charm monster, confusion, fear, or suggestion at will through the power of her song. The songs are so potent that saving throws against their effects are made with a -2 penalty.

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